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Front End Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design is the inception stage of any project. Entrepreneurs have an idea of a product, its manufacturing process, and viable production capacity. This needs assistance developing fundamental layouts and budget forecasting. We consider this information as a base and derive. FEED covers :
  • Process design basis,
  • Fundamental PID’s & Conceptual layout and material flow and logistics within premise
  • Broad specification of equipments, Selection of material,
  • Sizing and selection of piping scheme and distribution concept
  • Establishing level of instrumentation based on process integrity and process philosophy & safety measures
  • Fore casting of utility and Establishing maximum and minimum power demand
  • The whole exercise actually generates a face of a project and gives a birth shape. Every project head is divided and exercised in listed manner.
  • Buildings – name, number, story, area, construction type, priority
  • Equipments- tag, name, type, size, service, design data, moc, supports, agitation, heat transfer arrangement and special features
  • Power consumers- motor tag equipment, capacity, speed, phase, HP/KW, operation, service etc.
  • Utilities – tag, name, size, installations, accessories, location,
  • Pipes and piping accessories – line list per PID, accessories like valves, traps, instruments etc.
  • Instruments and accessories – Instrument list, function, range, broad specification,
  • Power Panels and cables – list and tags of panels, loads, distribution, SLD, size.
  • Valves, pumps and other specific equipments
  • Material handling system & Miscellaneous items

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