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Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering is the real scale exercise of a project. Each and every aspect is considered in detail and derived accordingly. Every component directly or indirectly related to process and production are integrated. Sizing, specification, location, construction, and connections of every facility are specified during detail engineering. The activities covered under the title are :
  • Process design basis, selection and sizing of equipments, production
  • PID - Development of Process and instrumentation diagrams (PID) having details like line sizes, fluid distribution network, piping specification, instruments with their operation logics & controls, basic equipments, insulation etc.
  • Civil - architectural and structural design and drawings, foundation details, roads & passages, drainage and septic systems, pipe racks, their bill of material and tender documents for procurement and awarding contract.
  • Mechanical – detailed list of equipments with construction detail-power demand-functionality and accessories, ancillaries, product support systems, material handling schemes, raw and finished material handling systems and storage facilities. Detailed specification or data sheets of above. Utilities - Sizing and optimization of cost effective utilities and their distribution network.
  • Piping system – pipe line sizing & specification, pumps, valves and blowers selection, Hydraulic calculation of tank yards, pumping stations and fluid flow characteristics with pressure drop calculation, stress analysis and thermal expansion provisions.
  • Utility sizing based on peak and average demand, flow distribution diagrams and optimization.
  • Electrical system sizing, power demand, incoming power scheme design and its distribution network design. Cable schedule and cable tray sizing and layouts are defined here.
  • Instrument list, selection and specification sheets including, cabling, trays layout
  • Road and drainage system depending on topography and climatic conditions
  • Miscellaneous systems like incoming and outgoing material handling, storage, and transfer system matching to product specification and client’s philosophy.
  • Contribution to HAZOP studies

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